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Creating Success Stories

Over 20 years ago, a feisty and innovative entrepreneur (with a very large heart) determined that not-for-profit organizations were in desperate need of assistance to maximize their fundraising efforts. He realized that these charities didn't need another "adviser" or "event planner". They needed someone who understood their goals, believed in their cause and would be absolutely committed to making every hard-earned dollar count! STRIDE Management Corp. was built on that philosophy.

Today, after providing our specialized services to over 300 lottery projects, we are extremely proud of our partnerships which have resulted in contributions of hundreds of millions to support children, families, seniors and the health care industry in communities across the country. What is even more amazing is that this amount was raised "one ticket at a time"!

Today, STRIDE has grown and expanded its operation into a full service agency working for both lottery management clients as well as various corporate clients.

STRIDE provides amazing solutions

We offer our clients expertise in the following areas:

Lottery Management Services

Marketing & Advertising Services

Donor Management Services

Fundraising & Event Management

Business Consulting Services

Call Centre Services

Why choose Us

The man behind the company has been passionately working with charitable organizations for over 20 years; listening to their objectives, plans and ideas, bringing honesty, best solutions, high standards and ethical practices. We’re proud of our history and reputation.

Our Mission

Stride Management Corp is the only full service “front to back”, “beginning to end” lottery management firm in Canada. We are committed to providing quality, innovation, respect and integrity with your charitable objective as our success story.

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