Meeting your charitable objectives with quality, innovation, respect and integrity.

For 30 years, Stride has provided lottery management expertise and specialized services to charities and not-for-profits across Canada – with revenue goals from a few thousand to multiple millions, and every point in between.

Whether you are considering launching a new fundraising initiative or enhancing your existing efforts, Stride will deliver solutions to ensure you accomplish your goals. We offer everything from ticket order fulfilment to full-service lottery management. Whatever your specific organisation’s need, Stride has the experienced team, supplier relationships, and industry insights to help enable success.

With adherence to provincial gaming regulations, Stride provides a complete suite of Lottery Management services including the technology and certification required to deliver a fully-compliant lottery campaign.



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Stride will conduct the research, assess the feasibility, and develop a unique and dynamic lottery campaign designed to enhance public awareness and achieve the financial goals for your charity. Stride will recommend and work together with you to establish the optimum project size, ticket structure, campaign theme, prize package, timelines, and marketing campaign necessary to launch and execute a successful lottery project.


Fundraising for charities, through lottery campaigns or other initiatives has never been more competitive. Supporters want value for their investment and demand innovation to capture their interest. Stride will develop, design, and implement a customized, dynamic multi-media marketing campaign utilizing direct and indirect mail, print advertising, radio, TV, email, outbound calls to previous buyers and a variety of special events. Leveraging our industry-leading insights on the lottery audience and strong marketing supplier relationships, Stride will maximize your charity’s dollars spent.


A unique, leading-edge, and diverse prize package is critical to lottery success and the ability to entice ticket purchasers. Stride will use our well-established supplier relationships to ensure prizes offer the maximum audience appeal while maintaining value for ticket price points and getting the most out of the lottery prize budget.

Stride will also use our supplier network to coordinate the distribution and delivery of prizes to lottery winners to reduce the administration cost to the charity.


As a full-service lottery management service, STRIDE has the resources, security certifications and devices to process ticket orders via online, telephone, mail or in-person sales 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Stride‘s local call centre offers operators trained specifically to cater to your unique lottery project and help you to generate sales. Whether transacting the lottery ticket order or assisting with inquiries, you can be assured Stride operators are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and will deliver exceptional customer service every time!

Stride’s proprietary ticket software and comprehensive operational processes are certified and approved by the highly regulated provincial gaming agencies across the country.


Stride is fully certified by Provincial Gaming Agencies for traditional drum draws and Random Number Generated (RNG) draw process.

Stride‘s RNG competencies offer cost savings to the charity and the opportunity to innovate lottery products to take advantage of frequent and smaller draws.

All Stride draw activities are strictly supervised and managed to ensure complete integrity and due diligence is maintained throughout the process.

All lottery draw winners are verified and notified by Stride to provide details and instructions to claim their awarded prize.


Stride will accurately prepare and submit all licence application information and final reporting required by provincial gaming agencies to ensure timelines and goals are met.

Stride balances and reconciles all lottery ticket orders with payment methods on a daily basis. Bank deposits to the charity’s designated financial institution are also completed as needed.

Throughout the campaign daily sales reporting, project status updates and final project reporting will be provided to monitor and evaluate the outcome.

Ticket purchaser information is updated and managed to ensure complete accuracy and data integrity. Stride is proud to advise that quality assurance standards are consistently managed at above a 99% compliance rate for data entry accuracy. Stride strictly adheres to the Privacy Act and all personnel have signed confidentiality agreements. Furthermore, all data collection strictly adheres to all PCI compliance standards.


Determining whether a lottery is the best fundraising initiative for your charity requires careful consideration. A variety of factors will influence and determine the feasibility and recommendation to proceed with a lottery project. STRIDE’s expertise will provide the guidance required to complete the necessary assessment to assist with your decision making. We would be pleased to review the opportunity to launch a new lottery project or provide recommendations to enhance your existing lottery campaign.

“The Calgary Stampede and our partners in the lottery from the Rotary and Kinsmen Club have teamed up with Stride for over 25 years in the delivery of the Stampede’s unique, one-of-a-kind lottery structure Stride has always been our go-to resource in helping us to innovate our lottery products and return the most proceeds to the community."
Bruce Williams, Chair, Stampede Lotteries Committee
“Alberta Cancer Foundation has partnered with Stride for 20 years; including licensing their “Powered by SMCCheckout” lottery platform. Stride continues to deliver on its commitment to provide a world-class lottery management services and industry-leading ticket sales platform.”
Ryan Campbell, Director, Corporate Relations, Alberta Cancer Foundation
“The STARS Lottery is such a critical piece of our annual fundraising program, and we are lucky to enjoy a long and productive relationship with Stride. We rely on their knowledge and expertise to help us meet our goals today and for the past 15 years,”
Andrea Robertson, STARS president and CEO.